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Patience and Progress

I will never ever underestimate what it takes to get a vacation rental together again.  It's been partly fun, planning and making purchases, but there are nights I think my body will never feel the same after painting on a ladder all day.  Then I wake up and do it again!

Major purchases are near completion; some super mattresses with plush and euro tops that I'm a bit jealous of, new tv's and rugs. 

We are still searching for a compact sleeper sofa that looks good, affordable and we won't die carrying it upstairs.  I feel like this will be the last purchase/decision!

I'm kind of leaning towards this one's simple design and good feedback on the Serta mattress.  From Wayfair.

The fun part is planning and collecting art work for the walls.  I actually have a lot of great Louisiana and Southern regional art and prints that I'm just not using!  So voila, a few are getting framed, other's waiting for their walls to be painted, the rest I have no idea but I ca…