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Love & Beads...February at Le Roost

Mardi Gras is nearly here!  And Valentine's Day too.  We've been busy decking out our shop, Nest Interiors , below and incoming guests in these next two weeks should expect to see the rentals decorated as well.  We love celebrating the season...and beyond decorations, we have something really special... King Cake flavored coffee!  Yes, both rentals will have limited edition K cups.  I've sampled it (because I care!) and it's delicious! Also, new things are coming...particularly, updates to our gift kiosk in the next couple weeks. Luxury Sleep Masks!  All bedrooms have light and noise reduction window coverings, but that doesn't help if your travel mates are keeping the lights on?  Pop downstairs to the self serve gift kiosk and purchase one of these handmade masks. Succulents and more!  Yes, we will be giving you the option to purchase some of the plants used in your rental. Check us out to Check in...availability for key dates in Febr