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A Place for Everyone...

We are nearly there!  In fact we've opened up the booking (and we have a couple takers so far!)  Initially, when we began renovating our Home Stay, I had a solid concept - one cohesive look.  But each room evolved on it's own with a distinct personality.  Somehow, this eclectic mix works; it reminds me of a family, each person unique, working together.  And that's why I think this is the perfect place for a family, especially. work in progress stocking the library with Louisiana books and more Some of my favorite art and splurge...a chandelier! Take a look at our listing ; more "professional" pics should be added in a week or so as we tie up last minute items.  And right now, we're offering 20% off your booking...but it's a limited offer.  So get clicking and visit! ~Lisa

Somewhere Between the Before & After

Here we are in August and I find we're somewhere stuck in the middle of our renovation...mainly because we ran out of steam.  the two bedrooms are nearly done  Above is the 1st bedroom. In the second bedroom, I refurbished and chalk painted my old antique bed frame.  It's in a beautiful color, French Quarter Rain, from my own line of paint, Cottage Nest Paints.  Also, in the same room, will be an antique desk gifted to needed so much work but it looks like it will be an amazing piece. This room needs a few more furnishings to finish it out, plus art and decor...but for both bedrooms the major painting and touch-ups are complete.  Next up will be the living room... Lisa