A Place for Everyone...

We are nearly there!  In fact we've opened up the booking (and we have a couple takers so far!)  Initially, when we began renovating our Home Stay, I had a solid concept - one cohesive look.  But each room evolved on it's own with a distinct personality.  Somehow, this eclectic mix works; it reminds me of a family, each person unique, working together.  And that's why I think this is the perfect place for a family, especially.
work in progress
stocking the library with Louisiana books and more
Some of my favorite art
and splurge...a chandelier!
Take a look at our listing; more "professional" pics should be added in a week or so as we tie up last minute items.  And right now, we're offering 20% off your booking...but it's a limited offer.  So get clicking and visit!


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