Our Newest & Smallest AirBNB...

Literally for our guests that take to the air!  We're happy to announce we have an active nest (ironically, right next to our gift shop, Nest Interiors) on the first floor.  It's added a lot of Spring time entertainment for our guests (and me!) to watch them bring nesting materials into the box.  Hopefully, we'll see some babies soon!
Also, I'm happy to report the Easter bunny visited our guests at LeRoost!  He didn't have to go too far to find some excellent candy as our town is lucky enough to be home to Elmers' Candy...a real chocolate factory.  (unfortunately, they do not give tours, but everyone is trying to convince them to!!)  We had young guests in both our rentals during Easter, so I was tickled that we could be part of their holiday memories!

Some vacancies remain for May and June; check out both our rentals:
Le Roost West
Le Roost East

See you soon!


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