Bright Lights, Berry City

If you are a guest in for the later part of May, you may find our town decorated for Christmas.  Weird, I know...but this Spring to Winter transition is due to a movie being made right here!  Not a lot of details are known, but I've heard it will be a Hallmark Christmas Movie...and our little town is just cute and weird enough for that!
Image and additional info courtesy of the Daily Star.

Also, our guests should be aware a new smoking and vaping ban is in effect throughout the city.  To put it simply, no one will subject to second hand smoke within a business or at the immediate entrance.  Business owners can help you find a suitable place to smoke if needed.  Also, since we opened, our guests rooms have been non-smoking, and we have access to outdoor areas for those guests that wish to smoke.  As always, message me prior to reserving your stay and I'll answer any specific questions.

See you soon!


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